IMG_0318_EDITEDDarin “Dangerous D” Malfi is a hilarious and out-of-control professional modern-day Sideshow Performer, or Extreme Shock Artist Entertainer. This multitalented crazy-man is also an accomplished artist, actor, musician, model, producer, and stuntman.  Know for performing life threatening stunts you won’t see anywhere else in the world, Darin is constantly pushing his mind, body, and soul to the limits entertaining the masses. D continues to make appearances all over the world such as touring with Rob Zombie, Hollywood Undead, Insane Clown Posse, contestant on America’s Got Talent, AMC’s Freakshow, Hellevator, Wipeout, and more! So DON’T EVEN BLINK!

                 “If this guy keeps bleeding everywhere, I’m gonna have to kick him off this tour!”
                                                                                                                           –Rob Z0mbie

                                “I really thought I’ve seen it all but this mother fucker is crazy!”
                                                                                                            –Tommy Lee

                                   “Oh my God! That is a different kind of man right there…”
                                                                                     –Mickey Cucchiella


Dangerous D on Hellevator (extra scene): 30 Second Challenge.

OFFICIAL Hollywood Undead – Deadbite (music video) featuring Dangerous D!


AMC’s FREAKSHOW – Season 2 Episode 1 (Dangerous D’s Audition)
extended scene: Original air date 5.6.14


OFFICIAL Palaye Royale – Mr. Doctor Man (music video) featuring Dangerous D.

OFFICIAL Grilled Linclons – MD’s Finest (music video) featuring Travis Pastrana, Dangerous D, Nitro Circus, and Christopher Scarborough.